Welcome to Kate’s Book Blog!  I love a good book.  If you’re a reader, you know just what I’m talking about. You think you can walk away from story at the end of chapter three to make dinner or feed the cat or pay some attention to your significant other but something MAKES you pick that sucker back up.  You won’t sleep or eat until you know just what happens to the main character.

I’m not just a reader; I’m a re-reader.  I buy all my books because I know there’s going to be a passage or a turn of phrase that I want to revisit.  HOW did the author deal with a first person narrative where the MC knows something the reader doesn’t?  WHY did that scene leave me so satisfied?  HOW did the author make me feel for such an awful character?  I deconstruct books so that I can try to figure out what makes them tick.  And subsequently write a break-out best-seller  that makes readers speak my name with awe (not there yet–not even close).

Mostly, I read (and write) young adult–usually fantasy.  And what I’d like to do with this blog is deconstruct the books I’m reading.  I’ll do my best to not spoil any key plot elements.  To me, most books break down into three main areas: character/setting, plotting, and writing style.  So, I plan to write a post to introduce the book I’m working on, and then individual posts for how character/setting, plotting, and writing style work in these books.

Am I qualified to do this? Probably not.  Which is why I welcome any and all comments.  And book recommendations.  I think that the first book I’d like to attempt is THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaiman.  I just finished it and it’s utterly brilliant.