I have a left brain/right brain thing.  As an undergraduate, I couldn’t decide between creative writing and science research, so I decided to do both.  Of course, you can’t be so broad-minded in graduate school, so I decided to get my Master’s degree in immunology.  The immune system is a fascinating and beautiful thing.  But research really isn’t a creative field.  And I still had that right-brain thing bugging me.

So, for the past five years I’ve been spending every spare moment writing in the hope that I’ll buck the odds, publish a book, and sell it to people who don’t know me.  I have one abysmal young adult novel in a drawer and another that I’m pretty proud of that I’m trying to get agents to read.  And now, I’m trying to commit to another long project.

In the meantime, I love deconstructing writing.  I like writing critiques for other amateur writers and analyzing the work of professionals.  Hence the blog. 🙂

If you want to contact me, email me at kfboard@yahoo.com.